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B Joux

“ Its time that everyone just drops the egos and really gets to work” There’s an unnerving focus to B Joux when he opens up. A swagger and attention to a wider picture that one can’t miss when talking to this young man. Delving between mediums from painting to rapping, B Joux epitomises no one person is ever one thing. Another artist based in Dagenham but growing up in more central-east London B Joux talents for creativity is evident. His catalog is strong and the versatility of his sound is immense. Having performed at One Room back in the early inception of the idea B Joux energy and community feel really stood out. His people really know him, following lyric by lyric bar for bar it’s a pleasure to see a man flourishing. One of his friends came all the way from the states to see his performance in Dagenhamn

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