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Staying at Home with Time Wes & Lissa Brandon

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

The staying at Home with One Room series has been a great success so far, linking communities of listeners and artists alike. During this time, the most we can do is support and create spaces to uplift one another.

We checked into Rotterdam, where we Stayed at Home with Tim Wes and Lissa Brandon:


Collaborating from Early Years

Hailing from Rotterdam, creative powerhouse duo, Lissa and Tim have been collaborating since they were little to now becoming established in their respective fields. Creativity really does run in the family. The pair have worked on a range of projects, from being in front of the camera to behind and assisting and directing in tandem to bring forth authenticity in all of their outputs. With the recent launch of her new website, multidisciplinary artist Lissa showcases an insight into her creative expression, while incorporating the idea of merging visual and tangible art together through the display of her amazing GFX effects. While Tim is busy with the exciting release of his new album.

No One Artist is One Thing

Here at One Room there has always been a strong focus on individuality and authenticity within the arts and Lissa and Tim are prime examples of the idea that No One Artist is One Thing. They have previously used and continue to showcase their skill sets in order to serve their purpose and follow creative intuitions. During the live stream, the duo sat in front of a huge canvas painted by Tim who stated that although he's not a painter he still paints. Tims conviction shone through as he touched on the notion of putting trust in the process regardless of the end result. Similarly, Tim shared an intimate insight into the success he met at a younger age which didn't quite come to fruition, but now older and wiser he is hungrier than ever before to take on the industry on his own terms.

Suriname Roots

A small island located off the North coast of South America and former Dutch colony is a real cultural melting pot, bringing together people from Africa, Asia and the Caribbean. An unfortunate history has birthed a beautiful array of cultures, where different worlds collide.

Tim discussed his fervent desire to reshape cultural tastes, stating that where museums are great and the artists in those museums are great too, but so are our friends and so is their art. Tim especially experienced this during his tour of his homeland where he felt so much love and support and was continually played among their local radio stations.

Tim and Lissa are both, in their own ways aiming to capture the voice of the now, where this energy will help to carve out paths for them to not only be leaders within their crafts but to also show others that possibilities are limitless.

With both of their ambitions far from wavering, Lissa and Tim are on a mission, where all roads lead to Rome and they aren’t afraid to try them all.

One Room Rotterdam

One Room is always looking to expand the family and take on new adventures. With creative connections in Rotterdam and blossoming ideas, it only seems right to make this happen. One Room Rotterdam is on the cards.

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