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The Stage

Live from 'The New East 

Reinel Bakole

Reinel Bakole Springing from Amsterdam, up and coming alternative songstress Reinel has found her rhythm in the UK.


Originally from Belgium, Reneil came to London to take her creativity to the next level. Finding home amongst the busy streets, she is always finding something new to fuel and inspire her creativity.


With the new release of her EP, Girl on the Moon, Reinel takes her listeners on a beautiful lyrical journey of her story over the past three years, with her accompanying music having heavy jazz and soul influences.

Day two was an action packed bonanza of feeling and diversity in art. From fashion to amazing musical performances, unique DJ sets and podcast discussion

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Girls Love Soul

John Alone

Reinel Bakole

Josh Kye

Josh Kye

Long standing member of the One Room family Josh, graced us with an intimate live performance, premiering some of his unreleased music from his upcoming EP and an immersive insight into the meanings and inspirations behind some of his songs. 


Looking at music through the lens of it having healing capabilities for not only himself but his listeners also. This through line runs in his live performances as well, where he aims to leave the audience with feeling and poses as a reminder to heal through his unique, indie soul sound.


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New wave Magazine & Steelo Fashion

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New Wave Fashion show powered by steelo 

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The Evening gifted us with some great performances from the East. With Raptum, Miss Banks, Flare and Karim Tha Peasent graced the stage. High energertic perfomances bringing day 2 to a great end. 




East London based rapper Raptum came through with some exclusive tracks. Epitomising the raw energy and talent that is in East London Raptum is making his own waves and he's one to watch in the coming years. Follow him on socials...

Ms Banks

Capping the night off Ms Banks delivered a stella performnce that got the people at home feeling like they are there. Energetic charisma exuding every bar she lit up the new stage and showed exactly what she is about. 


B-Joux a long standing member of the family gave us a classy performance of his latest unreleased tracks. Having worked hard in lockdown B-Joux come out firing on all cylinders. Enjoy the show. Follow B-Joux on socials.

Karim Tha Peasant 

Barking local Karim has been making waves in the industry for a while now. Releasing KTP his latest EP he gave us an exclusive performance of one the tracks. Electric energy this is just a snippet of what he and the family have got cooking up. Part of the FLARE family we are excited to see what is coming next. Check out Karim

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